Blackbaud Grantmaking

Finrea is Blackbaud’s Implementation and Support Partner for Blackbaud Grantmaking in the Asia-pacific region.

Blackbaud Grantmaking™ helps grantmaking organisations give more effectively by providing a holistic view into all grantmaking activities, in a highly configurable environment. Manage your entire workflow, from online applications, to grant review, approval, payments, and communications with all grantee partners, in one tool. The resulting insights can connect you to new collaborative opportunities, workflow efficiencies, and combined data that can power a stronger story for your organisation. Decrease the time between application and approval, and increase your impact.

With Blackbaud Grantmaking, your organisation will see the following benefits of cloud-based, configurable grants software:

Increase efficiency

Smart workflows optimised from over 30 years of experience enable staffers to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time applying their expertise where it really matters.

Produce more meaningful results

Blackbaud Grantmaking can be configured to align with and support the achievement of your philanthropic goals. Real-time, anywhere access to giving data combined with dashboards and powerful reporting tools help you to understand and share results.

Drive collaborative impact

Utilise data to identify new funding opportunities, and improve giving processes. With 360 reporting that accounts for financial data, identify new internal opportunities for collaboration as well.

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