About Finrea

Founded in 1996, Finrea has grown from one man’s vision to a national IT service provider.

We got here by sticking to the same principles we started with:

  • Build strong relationships: We get to know your business before finding long-term solutions for it.
  • Manage expectations: We offer effective, honest service that gives you the best value for money.
  • Deliver promised outcomes: When we say we’ll do something, we do it well and we do it on time.

Our industry experience allows us to bring you unrivalled results. We don’t deliver band-aid solutions for temporary relief. We look at the bigger picture instead. Our clients love us because we help them understand and respond to their changing IT needs in a proactive fashion.

Clients Today Finrea services over 100 small and medium sized businesses throughout the country. Our broad client base covers numerous industries including commercial, professional, retail, community and government sectors. Staff The Finrea team consists a superb group of individuals – each with their own set of skills and professional qualifications.